Chop, Chop

Those are some beautiful pepper strips

Those are some beautiful pepper strips

Chop, chop went the vegetables.

Chop, chop went my hair.

(But not at the same time or at the same place.)

I hoard my gift certificates. I never spend them, saving them for something “special.” I do the same with new clothes (waiting for the perfect occasion to debut them) or fancy soaps (I don’t want to waste them). About a year ago, I decided that this was stupid: I buy these items because I like them and therefore I should wear or use them often. Same with gift cards. The givers wants me to use them. No more waiting.

Therefore, I’m pretty proud of myself for using a gift certificate to Culinaria Cooking School within two months of receiving it as a going-away gift. That I got to work on the culinary skill I most want to master was an added bonus.

IMG_0811Taking a knife skills class has been on my to do list ever since a friend, who is very comfortable in the kitchen, told me that she found it helpful. Finally, I actually had the time to do it. The class was on Friday from 10.00 am–1.00 pm. It was me and group of retired people, along with two people my age (but I didn’t get their stories, so am having fun speculating about how they were available at that time of day…).

Proper knife grip

Proper knife grip

I learned how to properly hold a knife. See how the index finger wraps over the top of the blade?That’s where a chef develops a callous. I don’t have one of those yet. I especially felt this towards the end of the class. Julienning a carrot is hard, because carrots are so hard. Boy did my hand hurt by this time.


What does one do with all those chopped vegetables and chicken? Stirfry of course! And it was delicious.



Added bonus? Driving a different way home led me past Nielsen’s Frozen Custard. I ordered half chocolate, half pumpkin. No toppings. Creamy and delicious.

IMG_0818 - Version 2

Unexpected dessert

Oh, and my hair? That happened a week ago at Parlour Salon. At the beginning of the summer, I told Rebecca, who has been cutting my hair for years, that once I was no longer working, and after the last family wedding of the season, I was ready to try a new hairstyle. I sat there and this is what happened. I love it!

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  1. You cut your HAIR!!!!!!

    It’s a good look for you, although you look much more sedate than the woman on the trapeze a couple of weeks ago =)

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