The first week of September 2014, I left my job as Senior Pro Bono Counsel at a large law firm for tracks unknown. I wanted a change, something new. What? Not sure. In order to figure that out, I needed to step outside the life I’ve been living in more or less the same way for the past ten years, ever since I started the pro bono gig.

Why write this blog? Just because everyone told me I should so that they could live vicariously and see what I’m up to isn’t a good enough reason to create more content on the already overcrowded internet.

I created this blog to keep myself accountable. I’m not prone to deep introspection, or even medium introspection. Taking some time to write short posts, postcards if you will, about what I’ve done and what I’ve taken from it seems like a good way to not let this present to myself go by unnoticed and unobserved.

I hope anyone who takes a moment to read any of the posts walks away thinking that it was a good use of a few minutes.