Here I Am: Take 2

Here I am online! I’ve been here. I thought you knew that. Turns out I was wrong.

I started publishing blog posts over two weeks ago, but discovered a few days ago that no one but me could see them. So, here’s my grand (re-)debut.

One of the things I wanted to make sure to do during this time off is learn new things. I’ve certainly earned a partial check for what I’ve learned to do in WordPress so far.

WordPress is supposed to be easy, but I’ve managed to encounter a few not-so-easy problems. Not even a friend who’s an advanced user could figure out why no one could see my posts. (I had hoped to shed my IT Special* label when I left the firm, but no luck so far.)

This has helped me to earn a check in the Practice Patience box—twice. HostGator** has great technical support. I had the opportunity to practice patience both times by waiting almost an hour for a rep to be available, and then spending another hour identifying and solving the problems.

I want to earn a full check in the WordPress box. I like knowing how to use software and understanding how it works. I like being the person who teaches others shortcuts and cool tricks. There’s much more I want to learn so I can make posts more readable and the site more interesting (e.g., how to put each post on its own page so there isn’t just this long, long page of all of them, how to change fonts/colors/sizes) and how to post two photos side by side so posts with pics aren’t so long.

All in due time.

In the meantime, it’s been a fun and frustrating and challenging process so far. Isn’t that the definition of learning?

(What—this isn’t quite what you pictured me doing with my time?)


*IT Special: one who has computer problems unique to her every few months over the course of her 12 years at the firm.

**For those who are like I was two months ago, i.e., completely clueless, HostGator is a company that hosts websites, like blogs; WordPress is the software that I use to create this blog.

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