I finally figured out where my time is going: it is being sucked away by the interwebs.

I was starting to get concerned. People would ask, “What did you do today?” and I would have no answer. I could list only one or two different things I had undertaken that day.

Then I realized that it’s all the internet’s fault.wasting time

Now that I have more time on my hands, I have more time to spend online. Facebook and various newsletters make me aware of really interesting articles. Whereas in the past I might have read one or two, now I read many of them (and then click on and read some of the articles featured at the bottom/side of the one I read originally—you see how this quickly can get out of hand).

The internet also is to blame for my lack of motivation to travel over the past few weeks. I spent about 10 hours online planning my 48-hour trip to Shenandoah. That ratio seems off. But there was always one more website to check and one more review to read. Exhausting.

airplane_clipart_blue_and_white_circular_sticker__35756Thankfully a friend suggested that for my next trip, I set a budget and give myself a limited amount of time to book something. What a great way to resist the black hole of the web. I took the advice and soon am heading to Berlin. A borrowed guidebook includes a suggested 4-day itinerary, so that’s another gazillion hours of planning time saved. Total internet time prior to departure: about five hours.

So I spend a lot of time reading articles online. While I haven’t made much progress on the 60+ unread books I own, in the grand scheme, this use of my time may not be a bad thing. I’m just glad I now know what I’m doing all day.