So far, everything in Bogotá has been very inexpensive:

  • Lunch: $5
  • Movie with small popcorn and soda: $12
  • Average 15-20 minute cab ride: $6

I finally found something that is outrageously expensive compared to home. I paid $20 for these pecans for the charoset I was assigned to bring to Passover seder.

When I took the package off the shelf, it was full and would have cost almost $50. I had misread the price (move the decimal one place to the left and the cost is reasonable). It had not occurred to me to ask whether I could buy less than the full pack. I am grateful the checkout clerk (1) called my attention to the actual price and (2) offered to sell me a smaller quantity.

BTW, walnuts weren’t even an option.

Outrageously expensive pecans

Outrageously expensive pecans