My first impression of Buenos Aires?

What a shitty city. Literally. A city full of dog poop.

The sidewalks are covered in it. I walked A LOT during my first few days here and it is only because of vigilance that my shoes are still clean. I’m sure it is only a matter of time until I make a misstep.

More than once, I have caught myself singing (silently, in my head) this part of Old McDonald with the lyrics, “Here a shit. There a shit. Everywhere a shit, shit.” It’s seriously that bad.

Amazingly, I have been told that it used to be a lot worse.

I also have been told that this is a reflection of the culture in different ways. One person said that people here are very selfish and only think of themselves. Another explained it as a sign of the general feeling of resignation after years of a bad economy.

I have not been here long enough to evaluate either claim. However, since I like to walk, this is one part of “normal life” that I need to adjust to, like it or not!

UPDATE: A few weeks after posting this, I was talking to a local about this problem. He told me about an additional problem posed by all of the dogs: falling street lamps and trees. Apparently so many dogs pee on the street lamps and trees that the acid in the urine weakens the structure of each. Storms then blow them over easily.

P.S. Instead of posting a photo of the offending poop, I am posting a photo of this dog walking group I saw my first morning here. There were a few large groups like this in my neighborhood in Bogotá as well. The walkers, paseadores de perros, usually are conscientious, so it is unlikely that these dogs are littering the sidewalks.

Common sized dog walking group in BsAs and Bogotá; the walkers pick up after these dogs

Common to see big dog walking groups in Bs As and Bogotá